Empower Your Employees

Use your corporate giving to increase the effectiveness of your corporate philanthropy. 

Make giving by your employees simple and easy. Amplify the power of your combined donations.

  • 91% of millennials switch brands to one associated with a CAUSE
  • 87% of consumers would be willing to buy a product or service based on a company’s advocacy concerning a SOCIAL MATTER
  • 84% of people when asked to give to a nonprofit would do so if their donations are being MATCHED
  • 82% of customers, if given the opportunity, will donate to a charity that is supported by a TRUSTED company
How does your company support non profits?
Do you have a matching donation plan for employees.
What is your name?

What Is The SwellChange App?

SwellChange is a new way to engage your employees and support a nonprofit organization.

SwellChange rounds up the purchases employees make with their debit and/or credit card, making it simple for you to match contributions.

Serious About Privacy

We use Plaid, a leader in the industry for interacting with your financial institution data. All data is encrypted using bank-grade SHA256 encryption for transportation. 

We do not store your bank information on our servers. And, you can be comfortable knowing that your personal data and information is never shared. 

Ordinary Spending.
Extraordinary Support.

With SwellChange, members can support a specific project within their chosen nonprofit, or track the collective giving of their company, organization, or community.

Donations are 100% tax deductible