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How Impactful is “Impact” Investing?

Impact investing makes investments in companies, organizations, and funds that make positive and measurable social and environmental impacts, alongside a financial return. But how impactful is this type of impact investing really?

Rage Giving? Yeah, It’s a Thing

According to new data, households making first-time gifts to new organizations increased for the first time in 2017. Some analysts have credited this jump to what they call, “rage giving.” In this post, we dig a little deeper into what this all means and how GroundSwell could be a valuable resource for this new class of donor.

Not all Prepaid Card Programs are Created Equal.

As we’ve worked to rollout our program over the last few years, we’re often asked about our competition. While there are other prepaid card programs working with affinity groups, none of them share GroundSwell’s unique commitment to making a difference in the world.

Who are the Rohingya?

Have you heard of the Rohingya? If you’re like most Americans, probably not, and that’s understandable. There are so many loud voices competing for our attention everyday, that the quiet voices can sometimes be drowned out. And unfortunately, the voice of refugees is too often silent.

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GroundSwell Adds Two New Board Members

GroundSwell, a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation dedicated to creating sustainable revenue sources  for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, announced the addition of David Desharnais and Belinda Rodman to its board of directors.

NW Startup Funding Nonprofits

GroundSwell, a Washington State social purpose corporation based in Washougal, Wash., is shaking up the philanthropic world with a sustainable revenue-sharing approach designed for nonprofit organizations. This month, the company–whose mission is to sustainably fund organizations that make the world a better place–kicked off its final round of investment crowdfunding to raise $1 million for its public launch this fall.

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